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What is a web browser ?

Read ..

Web browser

What is email forwarding ?

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Email Forwarding

Setting up Outlook to use your domain name for email ?

Read ..

Using your domain email address in Outlook and Outlook Express

Spam Issues ?

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Spam - 10 points about spam

Ways to avoid/reduce spam

Spam emails that are faked from your domain !

Need to tell us about a problem ?

read How to report problems to us

What are the costs of getting online?

Read about the typical costs in NZ of getting connected to the internet and getting your website out there in

What does all this internet stuff cost ?

Help on Gmail or Google Apps mail accounts ?

Connecting to Google/Gmail Pop accounts

PC Virus, Trojan and Security Alerts ?

Digital Promotions is not a Virus, Trojan, Spy-ware, ad-ware or PC support specialist company.

Checkout the leading security sites like Symantec and Macafee.


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